FAIR POLITICS: Former Senator Visits Iowa

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A former Massachusetts Senator many Iowans know little about said he paid attention to what happened to the Butter Cow.

During his visit to the Iowa State Fair Brown complimented the idea to turn it into a T-shirt.

“I love that you parlayed that into a shirt,” he said.

Republican Scott Brown spent time Sunday afternoon walking through the state fairgrounds.

Brown spent just three years in the Senate after winning a special election.  He lost his seat during the re-election.

Brown said he is contemplating a run for President and he met with Iowans during his trip.

His wife’s family lives in Winterset.

Brown said he could bring a different perspective to Presidential politics than some others in his party.

“Our country is not a divisive one.  Many people want that middle of the road, that tolerance to put our country first.  Because we are Americans first, not members of a party,” he said.

Brown said he is traveling the country telling people that the Republican party needs to be more inclusive.