FIRST DAY: Students Move Into Dorms

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New students are moving into the dorms at Iowa State University this week.

This fall marks the school’s fifth year of record enrollment.

New students were greeted by a volunteer moving crew, helping haul flat screens, furniture and clothes into the dorm rooms.

One parent was especially glad to have the help. Dan Sweeney says his daughter brought everything but the kitchen sink.

“My wife and my daughters handled that.  I would have made it a little simpler, but they just, over the past couple of months, have been gathering. Ever since graduation basically from high school they’ve been gathering things up,” Sweeney said.

Students with even numbered dorm rooms were able to move in Tuesday. Students with odd numbered rooms will move in Wednesday.

Incoming University of Iowa students are also moving in but they’ve have been greeted with some delays this week.

Construction in the area could slow things down as thousands of students arrive for Monday’s first day of class.