NO LEADS: $25K Stolen From State Fair Trailer

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A popular state fair vendor is out thousands of dollars after a safe was stolen from his trailer parked on the fair campgrounds.

For ten days, vendors cash in on Iowans love for fair favorites but before one vendor could take part of his Sunday earnings to the bank, they were gone.

"The victim's trailer was broken into by an unknown suspect and removed from the trailer was a safe under a bed containing about $25,000 in cash," explains Des Moines Police Sgt. Daniel Blom.

The trailer belongs to Larry Fyfe.

Larry Fyfe owns four concession stands where you can buy fried foods like butter on a stick and the fried twinkie.

A police report says somebody used a pry-bar to break into Fyfe's trailer.  The $25,000 accounts for about a fourth of the day's sales.

Scott Minert, a fellow camper says he also keeps cash in his trailer.

"I think a lot of people do carry cash because you can’t use a debit card for most of the things here."

But with the amount of people walking through the campgrounds and the relationships he's made with his neighbors, he's never been concerned about having his trailer broken into.

"Everybody looks out for each other. We kind of know who is around everyone's campers,” Minert adds.

Police say it's all those extra people that are making this case harder to solve.

"To be able to narrow it down to a single suspect would be difficult because there's lots of traffic at the fairgrounds this time of year," Sgt. Blom says.

While no arrests have been made in this case, several people are facing charges from the fair.

Officers arrested 262 people at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.