HOWARD DEAN: Support For Hillary Clinton


(CNN) — Howard Dean’s presidential hopes may not be as high as his trips to Iowa and New Hampshire suggest, based on the candidate he currently supports for 2016.

“At this point, I’m supporting Hillary Clinton,” the former governor of Vermont told The Des Moines Register Wednesday in an interview in Idaho.

The former Democratic National Committee chairman and 2004 presidential hopeful declined to say whether or not he will be running come 2016.

His actions, however, have raised the question. In Iowa to speak at the state Federation of Labor convention, Dean has already got another trip planned to the early voting state of New Hampshire in September, where he’ll give a speech on health care.

The Register reported in his remarks to the convention he said he was in Iowa to help Democrats there win races for legislative seats as part of an effort by Democracy for America, his political advocacy organization.

“I’m not here to talk about the presidential race, I’m not here to talk about Congress,” he said.

Earlier this year, Dean expressed interest in another run for the Democratic nomination to CNN’s Peter Hamby. The deciding factor, he said at the time, would be if he thought the other candidates were sufficiently addressing progressive issues.

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