INDIANOLA YMCA: 4 Groups Combine To Fund Project

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For Indianola, the end justifies the means.

After a decades of haggling over how to pay for it, the new YMCA opens on the north side of town.

The grand opening ceremony took longer than most but there were a lot of people to thank.

It took ten years, and a combined effort by the Y, the city, the school district and Simpson College to get it done.

“We partner with other cities, we partner with other school systems," said Y CEO, Vernon Delpesce, "but Simpson is the first time we’ve partnered with a college.”

The move makes a lot of sense for Simpson.

“Our pool was in pretty serious shape!” laughed Simpson athletics director, John Sirianni.

The Storm will use this one for its swimmers, so will the high school, whose girls’ team took one look and promptly doubled in size.

This is state of the art.

“It has a geothermal system that heats and cools the water as needed,” Delpesce said.

The whole community gets one of the most modern Ys yet, focused on group participation, tailored to Indianola.

“We have a saying that if you’ve seen one YMCA, you’ve seen one YMCA,” he smiled.

Simpson students get a place to work out and to launch careers.

“Frankly, our exercise science, athletic training, health sciences is one of our strongest majors,” Sirianni said.

62,000 square feet of space naturally-lit space that will provide over 100 jobs.  Delpesce invites those anxious for a preview of the upcoming Des Moines Y, down for a look.

“Everything that’s here will be there, it’ll just be a little bit bigger downtown.”