AGRIBUSINESS: IDALS Increases Conservation Funding

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The Iowa Department of Agriculture has added $1 million to its cost-share program, which ran out of money after just 12 days.

IDALS Soil Conservation Division Director Jim Gillespie says in fact, on August 22, when the increase in funding was announced, 3/4 of the additional $1 million went to producers still waiting for funding after the initial sum ran out.

Gillespie says the demand for this program is a credit to its participants.

"These were people who had not received cost share to do these practices," Gillespie explains. "[They] had not done cover crops, no till, strip till, or had used nitrogen inhibiter with their fall-applied anhydrous [ammonia] in the past. So, these people who are signing up, this is a new practice to them, something they have not done before, and that's why the incentive is important to get them into it, get them experienced, get them some knowledge, some basic understanding. And then, hopefully, they'll adopt this into their business plan; their management plan of their farming operation."