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BEDBUGS & ROACHES: Apartment Complex Infested

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A south-side apartment complex is over-run with cockroaches and bedbugs, and tenants say the landlord isn't doing enough to solve the problem.

Even in broad daylight the cockroaches are everywhere at Magnolia Manor Apartments on Des Moines' south side.

Bedbugs are an even bigger problem. They’re so bad, some residents have started sleeping outside.

Property owner Prakash Pradhan says he has paid thousands of dollars to combat the problem, and it will take time for the pests to die off. He says his tenants bear some of the responsibility.

"A lot of times it's part of the tenant problem.  They have to keep their apartments clean.  They have to sanitize it.  It is our problem as well as a tenant problem." Pradhan insists.

Residents like Jami Brown insist the apartments are clean.  But Brown says the pests, especially the bed bugs, have made living there unbearable.

"It's awful.  It's scary to go to bed," Brown says. "When you're sleeping and you feel something crawling across your head and you're itching and you're embarrassed to go to work because you don't want to bring that into your office."

The property owner says he will continue to work with the pest control company that sprayed the apartments this week and has offered free laundry services for tenants with bed bugs.