NEW SCHOOL: Waukee’s Vince Meyer Learning Center Opens

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Hallways were crowded at Waukee Elementary School, so the district gave students and faculty some relief by moving fifth graders to a different building.

That building is the Vince Meyer Learning Center.

It's actually the old Waukee Elementary School building that closed in 2010, but after a $2.5 million dollar renovation, it will hold fifth grade students for at least the next three years.

While students returned last week, on Saturday the community came together for a re-dedication ceremony.

The buildings namesake, Vince Meyer, was a former principal, superintendent, athletic director, and coach who worked in the Waukee School District for 37 years.

Meyer passed in 2005, but family members say he would have appreciated the gesture.

"It was just such a perfect thing to have this building where he spent all his teaching years and did all his work,” said Jean Meyer, the daughter of Vince.

Administrators say a new elementary school is scheduled to be built in 2016.

There is no word yet on what will be done with the learning center once that school is completed.