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The Iowa Republican Party’s decision to delay next year’s state convention is getting heavy pushback.

More than half a dozen candidates are looking to run for the party’s US Senate seat nomination in the June primary next year.

State Party Chair A.J. Spiker says that means no one may get the necessary 35-percent to win.

He agreed to delay the state convention one month when delegates could then select the party’s nominee.

Governor Branstad strongly criticized the move, Monday, since it would give the eventual nominee less time to get ready for a November showdown with Democrat Bruce Braley.

“I think this is a mistake. They should reconsider. I believe it makes sense to resolve these matters as quickly as possible. They primary election is in early June. I think having the convention shortly thereafter makes a lot of sense,” Gov. Branstad said.

US Senate candidates Sam Clovis, David Young, Matt Whitaker and Joni Ernst all signed a letter urging the party to move the convention back to its June 14th date, Monday afternoon.

They say the decision gives Rep. Braley “a free pass” for “an additional 30-days to campaign in a vacuum.”

GOP campaign operatives say Schaben will sign the letter, making it unanimous for all of the declared candidates.

The Iowa GOP didn’t contact any of the candidates, or the governor or any of the other elected officials about this change before they made it. Their website still has the June 14 date.

To read the letter, click here.