ANKENY FIRE: Crews Battle Blaze And Heat

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No one was hurt in a house fire in Ankeny Wednesday afternoon.

Fire crews were called to 2503 Northwest Summit Court after the flames were noticed.

By the time firefighters arrived, much of the damage was already done.

“I just heard the trucks come by so I come out to see what`s going on and there`s just thick black smoke about as wide as the house,” says neighbor John Clark.

Fire crews believe the fire started near the deck and quickly spread to the back of the home and part of the roof.

No one was home at the time.  The homeowners are on vacation in Montana and relatives had to call them with the bad news.

“It`s going to be terrible, what a drive home just knowing you have to come home to something like this it`s awful,” says Clark.

As firefighters battled to save what they could of the home, they were also battling the extreme heat.

“The coats, the helmets and the liners are heat sync, they hold the heat in,” says Ankeny Fire Chief Rex Mundt.

Chief Mundt called in crews from five additional departments to help.

The extra help allowed firefighters to rotate in and out without overheating.

“They`re very, very hot, you add the temperature, add putting on a double layer blanket and then add the heat of the fire and this is a significant impact on our firefighters,” says Chief Mundt.

That impact was reduced with plenty of drinking water, iced towels, and the use of an air-conditioned van.

Firefighter’s quick work also helped.

“We are fortunate that this fire they were able to knock it down as soon as they could if it were to continue this would be a significant event and we would have to look out for their well-being,” says Chief Mundt.

Officials are still investigating the exact cause of the fire.