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FIRE CAUSE: Resident Was Smoking While On Oxygen

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The Des Moines Fire Department says an apartment fire Tuesday was caused by a resident smoking while using home oxygen.

Firefighters were dispatched to Royal View Manor at 1101 Crocker Tuesday night at 6:04, after receiving a call from a private fire alarm monitoring company letting them know a fire sprinkler water flow alarm was going off in the building.

Residents of the building let dispatchers know there was a fire on the 5th floor in apartment $541. When crews arrived they found two residents of the apartment suffering injuries. They were able to determine the fire started in a bedroom, where one of the residents was smoking a cigarette while using home oxygen.

Both people were suffering from smoke inhalation and the one who had been smoking also sustained burn injuries. The burn injuries required the resident be transferred to the Iowa City Hospital Burn Unit.

The sprinkler system extinguished the fire but damage to the building is estimated at $20,000. The personal contents of the apartment lost in the fire are valued at $2,000. One person was displaced by the fire.

Captain Steve Brown with the Des Moines Fire Department says this is the third fire this year they’ve responded to that was started by someone smoking while using home oxygen.