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HOT START: ISU Freshmen Cope Without AC

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It has been a sweaty, uncomfortable first week for college students across the state.

The windows are up and fans are on high at dorms on Iowa State University’s campus.

School officials say only half of the residence hall rooms have air conditioning. The school put up a list of air conditioned sites on its website for students who are seeking relief.

Those in the ten-story high Wallace and Wilson halls gave the hot weather mixed reviews.

“I’ve been sleeping at another place that does have AC because it’s ridiculously hot in there,” says Brit, John Kilpatrick.

“As long as you have fans and keep your door open so there is a draft – it’s not that bad,” Emily Koenigs opines.

“Horrible! It’s very, very, very hot. Especially if you live at the top like the 7th floor or 8th floor – it’s horrible,” Sydney Kilgore complains.

100-percent of ISU campus apartments have cooling systems.