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MORNING BUZZ: Heat, VMA Fallout and Stick it Out There!

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Good morning!
Another all-inclusive blog with subjects from the last few days.

If there is anything good about the heat…and I’m finding it harder to come up with anything…it’s that the 102 degree temperatures make the 92 degree days feel more bearable. Schools are letting out after half days because…who can concentrate? Why, again, do we start school before Labor Day? You can’t convince me that there is as god a chance of 100 degree days in June as there are in August. These half days count on the school calendar as full days and I think that’s the part I don’t like. We know our kids aren’t in the classroom enough as is…We know there are going to be Heat related early outs every year…they happen every year. Why not start after Labor Day and just go until June?
On another heat-related topic; we’ve been looking for good indoor activity for the boys to burn off steam. I took them to open play at Pump-it-up Sunday. Yesterday they went to Backyard Adventures for open Playtime there. The Science Center is always worth an hour or two and We’ve even used the Mall. I’d welcome any other suggestions.

So I didn’t watch the VMA’s but the Clown show that was Miley Cyrus’ act was just wrong. I want to be a fly on the wall in that creative meeting where they come up with the idea for the back-up dancers: “Lets combine the most innocent image of childhood with a bump and grind that would make a stripper blush.”
There are a bunch of articles that say the whole thing was racist. I don’t have the expertise to comment on that…i just think it was creepy. Doing the most inappropriate things you can to Teddy Bears and foam fingers isn’t creative or art or expressing your new-found sexuality. It’s just dumb. And by the way, she looked pretty dumb too. Keep your tongue in your mouth.
All of this led to a parody article on the Onion talking about why the VMA story was front page news on everyone’s website. The woman they spoofed as the author is actually a college classmate and a really great Journalist. The article hit some spots of truth for sure. CNN is out to make money and people click on that story because they want to see the train wreck. Meredith handled it with humor and grace tweeting that she would take all the credit and none of the blame. In the end the article rightly points out…f you don’t click on it…the stories go away.

Anyone else hear them taking down the bridge deck at 73rd in Windsor Heights last night? I did…inside my house…near 42nd street!

The Polk County Republican co-chair resigned. He explains why in a letter to the party and then again in an op-ed for the Register. If you are conservative and wave this off as no big deal…I guess I’d ask when IS it going to be a big deal. The numbers laid out are compelling. With no staff in 2008, Republicans lost Polk county by fewer votes than when they had the place staffed in 2012. That’s a bad sign.

Good news: Des Moines was not on the list of Worst Cities to drive in. Bad news: There are still A LOT of bad drivers in Des Moines. My latest complaint has to do with left turns. I’m almost sure I’ve said this before…but as a reminder…If you are waiting to turn left… GET OUT INTO THE INTERSECTION! The guy waiting behind you should be able to get through that stale yellow light. Also, at a green arrow…if you are the lead car…you should be pushing the limits of Physics to get around that left turn to maximize the number of people who can go through on the green arrow behind you. Lets all work together.

Have a good day!