HEAT HELPS: Marina Cashes In On Dry Summer

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Rain is in short supply this summer.

According to the National Weather Service, less than an inch fell in all of August, and just 5.23 inches have fallen since June 1st.

That made it the sixth driest summer on record, even drier than last year.

For a business that makes money keeping people cool, the dry, hot weather has made it one of their busiest.

At Big Creek Marina in Polk City, those lucky enough to have pontoon boats planned ahead.

“I actually had planned this for a couple of months. We’ve come out here before Labor Day. It’s the perfect weekend,” said Rachel Henigan, a boater.

Every pontoon boat was reserved with families looking to enjoy a day on the water.

According to marina manager Mark Crawford, it’s a complete 180 from three months ago.

“In the spring with the rain and the cold, it was the slowest I’ve seen it since 1993,” Crawford told Channel 13 News.

This isn’t the first weekend boats have been in high demand.

Crawford says the driest summer in eighty six years has been his busiest.

“About a week before the 4th of July, it just turned into total busy,” said Crawford.

The high heat and lack of rain has taken its toll in other areas.

Water levels are eleven inches below average in Big Creek, and last week as temperatures neared one hundred degrees, beach goer Scott Hruby says he saw fewer people on the sand.

“Just sparse crowds. It was just way too hot. Now it’s going to be perfect,” said Hruby.

At Big Creek, it’s boat rentals that bring in the money, and it’s the sun, heat, and dry weather that brings in the people willing to spend it.

“Yesterday we were just about booked and tomorrow we probably will be too,” said Crawford.

The summer of 2012 summer was the ninth driest on record.

Water levels were nearly 30 inches below normal, compared to 11 this year.