STOOPER STARS: Relay Team Competes For Father

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Until this summer, Melissa Deboer hadn’t swam in years. Deboer says, “I’m really good at the back float; I’ve been practicing a lot.”

Allison Wise is using her boss`s bike. Burnette says, “He let me borrow a bike. I broke it last week. He fixed it and we`re back in business."

And Danielle Burnette hasn’t ran six miles in a row ever.

Together as a team, their goal is to complete the Hy-Vee triathlon relay.

Originally sisters Danielle and Allison signed up to race with their father. Burnette says, “'He signed up on the trimatch website and he was just hoping someone would just join him and we felt like nobody would so we told him that we would. I would run and Allison would bike.”

But six weeks ago, when their father swam in the Iowa games, he had a heart attack and died.

This weekend, their cousin Melissa flew in from Denver to take their father`s place. The "Stooper Stars" are keeping memories of their father close to their hearts.

Alone, none of them would dream of trying out a triathlon. But together they`ll make his dream live on. Mother Kathi Stoops says, “'I’m unbelievable proud as would their dad be.”

And finish for the man they miss so very much.