SYRIA WAR: Braley Wants ‘Appropriate Response’

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Iowa First District Representative Bruce Braley, a Brooklyn Democrat, said he supports some type of action against Syria's government but prefers an international coalition.

Braley said Monday, "The Assad regime clearly violated international law and there has to be an appropriate response. The question is the scope and magnitude of that response and who is responsible for carrying it out."

Braley, who stayed in Iowa this past weekend and did not attend a classified briefing on Syria for members of Congress, said President Obama has not sufficiently explained what would happen after military strikes in Syria.

Braley said he needs the answers to that question before he can decide whether to vote to grant the president's request for military action against Syria.

"I think the people who elected me in Iowa's First District expect me to get as much information as I can before I sign off on something as important as this and I don't have it right now," Rep. Braley said.

Braley served as Grand Marshal for the Labor Day parade in Des Moines Monday morning.

Many Iowans along the parade route had serious reservations about the country getting involved in another military intervention.

Sheresa Bownds of Des Moines, watched the parade with her three children. She knows people may not like what she has to say about the situation, but after seeing her cousin go off to war in the past, she doesn't want more Americans to suffer what her family has.

"I'm more worried my country than theirs. It might sound harsh but I would hate to see something happen to our family members down there," Brown said.

Congressman Braley added it is too soon to know whether he would back military action if only the US agrees to take part.