TRACTOR PULL: Tractor Plows Into Crowd

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What started out as a day of family fun Sunday quickly turned to terror, as a run away tractor careened into the crowd at the annual truck and tractor pull in Diagonal, about 20-miles south of Creston .

"The tractor was speeding faster and faster and they couldn't get him stopped and it just went up into the crowd.  It was a disaster."  said witness Diane Wales.

No one was seriously hurt, although one woman was sent to the hospital.

When trucks or tractors pull the sled, a weighted box slowly moves forward making the sled harder to tow.  But for some reason, the box malfunctioned and didn't move, so when the driver hit the accelerator he lost control of the tractor.  Organizers with the Lions Club, which hosts the annual event, say this was an unfortunate fluke.

"All the years we've been doing it it's never happened." says Jim Norris with the Diagonal Lions Club, "We haven't had any accidents at all.  That was the first one and luckily no one was you know, hurt real bad."

Next year organizers plan to extend the track and possibly put up concrete barriers as a precaution.