FIRST TIME: DHS Says Foster Child Death Is A First

The Iowa Department of Human Services says they have never seen a case where a foster child has been accused of killing another foster child living in the same home.

According to the agency, any abuse within foster care is rare.

In 2012, more than 10,000 Iowa children spent time in foster homes.

There were only 15 reported cases of abuse.

None of them led to deaths, and none were between two foster children.

Joby Holcomb, the Clinical Director for Lifeworks in Des Moines says he's shocked by what happened, but hopes he can use it to better serve his own clients.

"What am I going to do in the future to make sure something like this doesn't happen. How am I going to do things differently with the families I’m working with so I can make sure something like this never has to happen again,” said Holcomb.

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