KING OF SIRES: Grandfather Of Angus Celebrated

king of sires

This week the town of Denison celebrated the 100th birthday of an Iowa legend.

Few have heard of Earl Marshall but many have encountered one of his distant relatives.

Marshall was an Angus bull credited as the father of the breed in the US.

The champion bull lived just 15 years but left a gigantic legacy.

More than 16-million head of cattle in the US can be traced back to Marshall’s bloodline.

Some of which you’ve probably been served.

“He sired more champions than any other Angus bull in the history of the breed at the Chicago International,” Steve Burress explains.

“If you eat a certified Angus burger, it’s got a little bit of Earl Marshall DNA.”

The cattle hall of fame says if you see a bull with all black hide, it is most likely one of Marshall’s grandchildren.


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