MORE DETAILS: Possible Child Enticement Case

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Police say a Johnston resident has come forward, saying he’s seen a truck involved in an attempted child abduction or child enticement case in Windsor Heights.

The man contacted police after seeing a report on an incident that happened last week in Windsor Heights. A girl told police she was walking home August 29th when a man in a truck drove by twice, and told her to get in the truck. She ran away and called 911.

After seeing a news report, a Johnston man contacted police to tell them he remembered seeing an older red pickup with a loud exhaust near his home in the 6100 block of Nottingham Drive last week. He says the white-haired, male driver had stopped to watch children play. The description of the man inside and the truck are similar to that of the description the girl gave police.

That incident happened the day before the attempted enticement.

Police say no known crime has been committed but they want to make the public aware of the incidents. If you see a vehicle matching the description of the truck you’re urged to contact police.