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MURPHY’S LAW: Faking Bears Exposed, First Game Fallout, RVTV Farewell Tour

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Well, Carrie Underwood said it best:

Okay, maybe she didn’t say much, but Carrie does point out that we’ve waited a long time for football. And we had to wait a while longer. Lightning delayed the first game–Ravens vs Broncos–by 45 minutes.

Still, sure is good to have football back. Peyton Manning and the Broncos sure looked like the Super Bowl team many predict. 7 touchdown passes, Peyton. Really?!

The NFL on NBC is the #1 rated show on television. The show can book virtually any musical act in the world for the kickoff special live concert. So the choice is… Keith Urban? Urban is a talented artist who can sing and play. He’s also prettier than many women, and seems like a good guy. But does Keith Urban fire you up for football?

Brian Urlacher admits the Bears faked injuries to slow down offenses. I’m not surprised teams do this. I am surprised Urlacher admits it. May his candor continue.

Huffington Post reports Madrid will host the 2020 Olympic games. This is huge for the Tiger Bowl, Flat Tire Lounge, and Trestle Bridge. Madrid will need to upgrade the high school track, even if Usain Bolt retires.

We’re hearing many complaints about the new video board and sound system at Kinnick Stadium. Need to give Iowa one game to work out the kinks.

The Iowa Nice Guy, Scott Siepker, is back for another year of supporting the Hawks and Clones on ESPN’s College Football Daily. He also picks up where Cooter Ray left off when it comes to Nebraska. Iowa Nice Guy brought it this week, and I think it’s his best ESPN segment yet.

Big week for Scott. He’s also out to save Olympic wrestling. The video can’t hurt, and may help, even with Jay Mohr in the nude.

We’ll find out Sunday if wrestling returns for Rio. How can it not. Original sport.

Great stat from Mike Mahon. The former Drake sports information director says before this past weekend, the last time Iowa and Iowa State lost first game home openers the same day was 1959. Last time the Hawks and Clones both lost openers, home or away, was 1987.

Unless there’s a last minute rush to buy tickets, and a forecast of sweltering heat discourages that movement, the Hawkeyes will play in front of their smallest home football crowd in many years.

All week, on both SoundOFF and Murph & Andy, we’ve heard from many Hawkeye fans, but next to no Cyclone fans. Hawk fans largely fall into two camps: A) Iowa showed promise, and looked better than last year. B) Seven straight losses, and people aren’t upset Iowa lost at home to a MAC team, albeit a good one.

Truth in both points, but I learn more toward A. As for Iowa State, what can a fan say? Cyclone fans love and appreciate Paul Rhoads, but they’re stunned that in Rhoads’ fifth year, ISU could get pushed around at home by a UNI team with 22 fewer scholarships, and a roster full of Iowa high school players the Cyclones and Hawkeyes didn’t want.

We hype and await that first game for so long, overreaction is inevitable.

RVTV starts Monday in Creston. Then we head to Jefferson, Webster City, Iowa Falls, and Ames. It’s an exhausting week, but it’s tremendously rewarding too. What a privilege it is to be reminded of the spirit and sportsmanship we find for the rivalry throughout Iowa. We think this will be the final RVTV for a while. We’ve covered all the ground at least once, but it will be hard to stop. We’ve been reminded for weeks how much people enjoy RVTV, and we don’t take that for granted. Thank you.

RVTV 2012 048NCAA volleyball sure is going big in Iowa. Nearly 7,000 fans at UNI for the Panthers and Cyclones Wednesday night (ISU won, 3-2), and now word Iowa State set a new record with 1,300 season tickets sold.

Currently reading John U. Bacon’s “Fourth and Long: The Fight for the Soul of College Football”. It’s given me new appreciation for the student-athletes who play football at Penn State. Bacon embedded himself with four programs: Penn State, Ohio State, Northwestern, and Michigan. For the most part, players come out looking good. It’s the boosters, coaches, and administrators who fare poorly.

My favorite quote from Bacon’s book (so far), “If the NCAA pulled you over for drunk-driving, they’d impound the car, put you in a different car, and send you on your way.” See Rick Neuheisel, among others, for a good example.

Jenny and I watched Olympus Has Fallen. Of the many Die Hard ripoffs, this is a good one. Die Hard in the White House. Fred Hoiberg is good as the President.

Aaron_Eckhart_Dark_KnightTo get in the spirit of the Premier League on NBCSN, we’re all adopting soccer (football) clubs. I’m now a fan of the Liverpool Reds. The Beatles came from Liverpool, and the Boston Red Sox essentially own the Reds, so I think this is a good match. To find your team, go here:

And if you missed NBC’s brilliant promo for Premier League, starring Jason Sudeikis, here it is. You won’t be disappointed. Perfect approach.