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NEW STADIUM: Lottery Winners Make It Happen

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The Bondurant-Farrar School District is moving forward with a big addition.

Thursday afternoon, the district is breaking ground on a new high school stadium. The project was made possible by lottery winners, Brian and Mary Lohse.

“It’s an amazing thing for us as a district.  It’s a project we had on the table three or four years out, we were able to expedite the project thanks to the generosity of the Lohse family and their gift to the program,” says Maury Ruble, Asst. Principal and Activities Director at Bondurant-Farrar High School.

The gift totaled $3 million. The Bondurant couple donated the money after winning a $202 million lottery jackpot last year.

The funding goes to a sports complex, with a stadium and eight-lane track. Plans include enough seating for 2,000 fans.

It’s a big deal for the growing district. The new high school just opened in the fall of 2010, and now a new elementary school is being constructed.

Ruble says it is an exciting time in the district.

“Participation numbers are increasing, we’ve moved up to 3A over the last three years in all of our sports, we’re anticipating being 3A in football next year, so the community continues to grow, the school grows, our participation numbers continue to increase,” says Ruble.

The sports complex is expected to be done by next August, just in time for the Lohses’ oldest son to play there his senior year.

Their only stipulation for the new stadium, was that the visiting locker room be painted pink — like the one at Kinnick Stadium.