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SPECIAL OLYMPICS: Golf Outing Raises $65K

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Golfers met for the 10th annual Dahl’s Charity Golf Tournament in Ankeny, Thursday.

Thirty-one foursomes teed off to raise money for the 11,000 Special Olympic athletes in the state.

One of the athletes was stationed on the 9th green and was able to take part in the golf outing.

As each team arrived, he got to show off his skills and take the first putt into the specially cut 8-inch hole.

All those involved know the importance of funding the Special Olympics.

“It gives them the opportunity to get onto the playing field where otherwise they would be able to have that opportunity so it lets them be the Michael Jordans for the day so they can get out, experience joy and friendships and the opportunity to participate in sports,” says Jeanette Steinfeldt.

The event raised over $65,000 for the Special Olympics.