STOLEN TRUCK: Suspect Destroys Garage

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Police say Benjamin Algreen was high on drugs when he broke into the Clark family's garage, overnight.

Homeowner, Lori Clark, says Wednesday night’s incident was something straight out of a movie.

“It was just bizarre. I honestly thought it was an animal.”

What the family woke up to wasn’t an animal, it was a criminal. The Clark’s listened as police say the 25-year old ransacked their garage.

“He was up in our rafters and all over my Tahoe. He was throwing tool boxes all around. He was just a madman just crazy.”

Soon after that the family heard Algreen rev the engine of their ford pickup truck.

Lori says,“I didn`t even think he would try and go out the back of the garage where there’s no door.”

They say he rammed the truck through the garage wall, took down two fences, and then drove across several yards before losing control and crashing into a tree.

The suspect fled on foot and police found him hiding behind a garage. Police say drugs and or alcohol were involved.

Sgt. Jason Halifax says,“Given the fact that he was probably high or somehow intoxicated I'm sure his thought process was way out of whack.”

Police say it’s unusual for a suspect to cause a significant amount of damage. The family says they will owe more than $60,000 in repairs.

Algreen was charged with 1st degree theft, 3rd degree burglary, and 1st degree criminal mischief.

This isn't Algreens first run in with the police. Last year he was charged with two counts of 3rd degree burglary and in December he was charged with possession of a controlled substance.