DPS CHIEF: Noble Avoids Talk Of Past Issues


The returning head of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Larry Noble, answered questions about his department Friday.

He had little say about the department’s past controversies. While he admitted that he and Gov. Terry Branstad spoke before Brian London`s resignation, he would not go into detail on the discussion itself.

He also didn’t detail what his new salary would be.

“I bet you could ask a lot of people in our department what they make and a lot of them honestly wouldn’t know what it is, because you don’t go into public safety and law enforcement for the money,” says Noble.

Public records show noble made about $125,000 a year when he last held the position.

You can hear more from Noble this Sunday morning, when he appears on The Insiders with Dave Price. That airs on Channel 13 at 9:30 a.m.

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