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MIDAMERICAN SCAM: Fraudsters Target Metro Latinos

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MidAmerican Energy officials say a scam is targeting their Latino customers.

The company says it received nearly 30 reports of the scam this week from metro customers.

Authorities say the scammers tell customers they are behind on their bills.

The customers are then told to load a pre-paid debit card with money and provide the serial number from the card to the scammer.

The scammers claim the process will prevent the customer’s electricity from being shut off.

Authorities say the caller ID shows up as 888-201-7958.

“We encourage our customers to be careful with their information when it comes to credit card numbers, social security numbers and personal information,” warns Tina Potthoff.

“All of that information we already have on file when they open their account so if someone is asking for that information they need to hang up the phone and then call us.”

After calling MidAmerican Energy, victims are urged to contact police.