SECRETS SERVED: Spanish Coffee

Crème Cupcake in Des Moines, known for the tasty treats they cooked up on Cupcake Wars, shows how to make a delicious dessert drink, Spanish Coffee.


½ oz. Bacardi 151

3-5 oz. French Press Coffee

½ oz. Kahlua

Lightly whisked vanilla spiked heavy cream

Ground cinnamon



Make sure the coffee is ready.  Rim wine glass with spiced sugar rim and add the 151.  Rinse around the bowl and ignite, slowly turning the glass to caramelize sugar.

Before it gets black, add the coffee which should extinguish flame (if not, twirl glass around to extinguish fire).

Add the Kahlua and then hand whisk the heavy cream.

Top with ground cinnamon.


For more information about Crème Cupcake or to find where you can pick up some of their treats, visit the website.


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