WEBSITE HACKED: Threats Posted On City Site

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A city website was hacked this weekend displaying a broken-English message about the treatment of Muslims.

Authorities believe the hacking into the City of Mitchellville`s website is completely random.

City administrator Ruth Norton says, “It`s kind of like they throw code out there and if it sticks like spaghetti on the wall then it will just you know go out there.”

And when that code stuck to the city`s server Norton says, “Basically what it did was bring down our website and threw this message up in its place.”

A resident found the threatening messages on the website Sunday and called the Mitchellville police. Because there was no specific threat to the city or people who use the site, authorities say at best the hacking is an irritation.

The city`s web service provider Mattison Web LLC’s website was also hacked. The company took care of it Monday morning by moving to a new web host.

Unfortunately, city officials say there isn`t much else they can do to prevent something like this from happening again. Norton says, “Do I expect any kind of guarantee no, because I know it can`t happen.'

Like spaghetti on a wall, all they can do is clean it up.