PATRIOT PRIDE: Honoring Our Veterans

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A man in Eagle Grove is giving an old grain elevator a new purpose.

Daryl Watts is not a veteran, but he appreciates those who served.

“I’m a patriot…and I’ve often thought of the guys that have to go away from home and defend our country the thank you was never big enough for me,” says Watts.

He had the idea to turn an old grain elevator into a large thank you to veterans. It is now called the Eagle Grove Community Veterans Tower.

The design on the grain elevator also honors a local Guard unit as well as former governor and Eagle Grove-native Robert Blue.

The owner of the elevator gave the okay for the tribute.

Watts says the transformation takes a lot of work, “Ya gotta take all the windows out and fill those in and then ya gotta get the concrete ready to be painted. That’s really pricey.”

By the time all the prep work and art work is added, the cost could run $100,000.

Watts will eventually paint the Twin Towers on the east side of the elevator, in tribute to 9/11.