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For 12-years,  "Live Healthy Iowa" has helped thousands of Iowans lose weight and improve their fitness level.  A select few have had the opportunity to be on what's called "The Dream Team."

Jennifer Long got a wake-up call five years ago.

"I needed some dental work done and my blood pressure was too high, so they wouldn't touch my teeth."

Jennifer started walking and eating better.  She lost 70-pounds, but then her weight loss stalled.

"So, I was getting a little frustrated.  I saw the Dream Team thing and decided I'd sign up."

The "Dream Team" is a group of five Iowans, selected through an application process.  The team is lead by a certified personal trainer, like Deb Atkinson.

"What you give is by no means what you get back... The people are phenomenal."

Deb, a Dream Team Captain, is in charge of planning, inspiring and guiding "Dream Team."

"When you have people who are really thirsty for the knowledge, and really appreciate and take it in and use it - that's thrilling."

Suzy Card is also one of those people.  She decided to apply for the "Dream Team" after she was diagnosed with diabetes.

"I have two daughters," says Suzy.  "Since they were little my husband and I would say, 'What are girls?  Tough and assertive.'  When I got accepted I was kind of hemming and hawing and my daughters looked at me and said, 'What are girls?'  And I thought, I have to do this."

Suzy has lost 60-pounds - and she's not done yet.

"My goal is to keep losing weight and get to a point that I don't have to take the medicine."

Jennifer is now lifting weights and working on the treadmill.

"The support was good... I'm much stronger than I was when I started.  I have more energy."

It's a dream come true for the entire team, including Deb.

"It's amazing to see them thrive and really be proud of themselves."