TRIBUTE TRAIL: Flags Honor 9/11 Victims

A 9/11 tribute in Des Moines is remembering the men and women who died 12 years ago today.  3,213 American flags line a portion of the path around Gray’s Lake.

“A lot of people drive by and honk.  They appreciate what we're doing,” says Lamisha Wood.

Wood and some of the newest recruits of the U.S. Air Force volunteered their time to set up the Tribute Trial.

“It really helps them understand what it means especially when they see all the flags so I think it does a great deal for them to learn as well,” says U.S. Air Force MSgt. Christopher Wood.

The volunteers hope the flag display becomes a tradition for years to come.

“You want to make the promise that you will never forget, but will you really never forget?” says Lamisha Wood.

People stopped by to take a picture and to take a moment to remember the tragic events of twelve years ago.

“I think it's very moving.  I'm glad they did it you need to remember those things,” says Rick Pfander.

“It's really heartbreaking,” says Chantele Pliler, “Seeing all these flags, knowing that each one represents a human being that was taken in that disaster.”

Pliler brought her one-year-old grandson to see the flag tribute.

“You see them admiring it and it makes you feel good that you were a part of putting it up there so everyone can enjoy it,” says Wood.

The Tribute Trail is on the west side of Gray’s Lake near Fleur Drive.  It will be on display through the weekend.  Volunteers will begin removing the flags on Monday morning.

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