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BURGLARY CASE: Home Broken Into Four Times

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Des Moines police say the same Des Moines home has been hit by burglars four times in the last year.

The house is in the 5300 block of SE 9th Street.

The most recent of the break-ins happened Wednesday over the lunch hour. A neighbor reported the burglary to police after noticing that the garage door was opened but the owner wasn't home.

Neighbors say that house isn't the only one affected but the whole street.

Dan Buchman says, “This neighborhoods a really nice neighborhood but it always seems like they come into this neighborhood to steal stuff.”

Two weeks ago, burglars tried breaking into his backyard. However, since the spike in burglaries Buchman has made sure his home is safe.

“I have lights that come on at night; I have a security system, dead bolts it’s crazy.”

The neighborhood sits near a wooded area and trees cover the street lights making it easy for suspects to hide.

Sgt. Jason Halifax says burglaries are difficult to solve. In this case, he thinks the burglar knows the victim.

“What I start to wonder about as a former investigator,who is it that knows what she has and when she`s going to be gone.”

Police will investigate the surveillance video captured by the nearby elementary school. They are still investigating but say they have no leads at this time.