APPLE SEASON: Full Crop At The Orchard

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Cheaper and better quality is what everyone wants to hear about the produce they buy.  And that's just what Iowa Orchards are boasting this year.

The Iowa Orchard in Urbandale said that this year it has a great crop.

Several varieties were already harvested.  Honey Crisp and Jonathan apples will be ready for the picking in just a few days.

The owner of Iowa Orchard, Bryan Etcher, said this crop is particularly nice because last year was so rough.  He estimated the trees produced only 10 percent of their capacity last year but this season the trees are full.

“You’ve got to go back to last year when the trees froze out and the trees just stored those carbohydrates until they were ready to explode this year,” Etcher said.

Because of the great crop this season, the orchard said you should see lower prices for some products like apple cider.

The wet spring and dry summer this year did not impact the orchard very much.  The owner said the blooms were delayed by about a week and he irrigated to make up for the lack of rain.