MISSING MONEY: School Without Thousands

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Today, the State Auditor’s office released the details of an investigation into the Lincoln High School’s Football program.

The investigation showed nearly $21,000 that was supposed to go to the team disappeared sometime between 2003 and 2012.

This investigation of the Lincoln High School Football Booster Club confirmed what the Des Moines Public schools found.

“The money that he collected did not end up in a school district bank account.  It ended up in a bank account which had been established by a parent of a former football player,” said Warren Jenkins, Chief Deputy of the State Auditor’s office.

More than $120,000 was dropped into a private bank account instead of the school’s Booster Club.

Most of that money came from the sale of posters of the football team.  Of that, nearly $21,000 is unaccounted for.

Another $16,000-worth of promotional cards are gone too.

The football coach at the time, Tom Mihalovich claimed he turned the money over to the school, but there is no record of it.

The Des Moines School District said it is now implementing stricter fundraising rules.

“There is no perfect system and people who want to do wrong will do wrong.  We want to minimize the possibility of something like this happening again.  We want to make sure that everyone is playing by the same rules,” said Phil Roeder of the Des Moines Public Schools.

Lincoln has remained on the radar in terms of financial issues.  But now fundraising will be watched closely to see how it’s being used and will now require a sign of approval from principals.