PUMPKIN SEASON: Almost Ready For The Picking

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As summer transitions into autumn, many people look forward to pumpkins.

Whether you to carve them or eat them, pumpkin season is almost here.

Fred Howell of Howell Farms in Cumming said you can’t rush the pumpkins.  You have to wait until the color has developed and the shells are hard before you pick them.

If the pumpkins are picked before they are ready, the pumpkins rot much faster.

This year the pumpkins are a bit smaller than normal because of the wet spring, Howell said.

“People struggled to get them in the ground as soon as they could but they did get them in the ground later than usual.  I think that’s impacted a little bit of the size,” Howell said.

Despite the smaller sizes, Howell said the crop looks good for the fall.

His pumpkin patch opens for business on September 21st.