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SUSPICIOUS FIRE: Abandoned Building Burned

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Authorities are looking into the cause of a Mitchellville fire. Because the building had no electricity or gas to start a fire on its own officials are calling it suspicious.

With the weeks of hot weather, most welcome a little afternoon wind. But neighbor Glen Jesse says this breeze could have brought big trouble if it arrived sooner. Jesse said, “If there had been this kind of breeze this morning as big as that fire was it could have been like the fires in California, blowing sparks.”

Waking up to flames, he and his wife watched from their driveway as fire fighters soaked the building. “It was just a wall of fire. It was probably 30-40 feet up in the air,” said Jesse.

Flames were short-lived, but left a powerful impression. Jesse said it looked like an explosion.

Luckily this building has been abandoned for more than 30 years. But Jesse says that hasn`t stopped it from being a nuisance. Jesse said “It was an eyesore. And we had problems at least we were concerned about the fact that there were apparently somebody in there cooking meth.”

After calling police the problem seemed to be taken care of.

That is until Jesse noticed cars pulling up late at night there a few weeks ago. This morning finding it full of flames, he`s not surprised. In fact he wishes it happened sooner. Jesse said, “I`ve often wondered why they didn`t give it to the fire department and let them use it for exercise so in that sense it was probably a good thing to get rid of it.”

Jesse says he`s grateful no one got hurt and this eyesore is finally gone.