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AGRIBUSINESS: Northey Stresses Farmer, Motorist Safety During Harvest

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This week is Farm Safety Week (Sept. 15-21) and Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey has a few tips to stay safe as harvest begins.

“Harvest is slightly delayed due to the cool, wet start of the growing season, but farmers will soon be busy in the fields and on the roads so it is important everyone in rural Iowa keep safety in mind,” Northey says. “Harvest is a great time on the farm, but it is also very busy and can be stressful. It is important everyone working on the farm and Iowans traveling through the rural parts of our state stay alert and take the necessary time to make sure we have another successful and safe harvest season.”

For farmers, Northey says using slow-moving vehicle emblems on appropriate tractors and equipment is a smart move. So is knowing the hazards of suffocation that flowing grain presents when it's unloaded from bins and wagons, and it may be a good time to install a rollbar on older tractors.

Northey adds that motorists may want to add time to their trip if they're taking rural roads, as those roads may be shared with slow-moving farm equipment.