FLASH MOB: Des Moines Marriage Proposal

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A Des Moines couple will soon be heading to the altar and the proposal likely involved more planning than the wedding itself.

On Friday, Steven Koethe brought his girlfriend Julie Kaufman to what was supposed to be a birthday party at Mickey’s Irish Pub.

Once seated, Kaufman's close friends and family came walking out dancing to a choreographed song by Bruno Mars.

Flowers followed and then the question.

“You're beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and you're my best friend, there's only one thing missing.  Will you marry me?”

As the crowd cheered and celebrated the new engagement, Steven Koethe was likely feeling a little relief.

The proposal took weeks of planning and was incredibly difficult to keep secret, "About eight practices so eight weeks” explained Koethe.

“We had two choreographers that worked with us, and so they were there for every practice except the last one, so we started doing it at my dad’s and once we had it pretty well down then we went to Mickey’s to actually get the spacing right and really fine-tuned it.”

Fiancé, Julie Kaufman said she had her suspicions, “Him taking off every Wednesday and leaving me for an hour and a half at home and oh wow none of my friends are available either to do anything so I knew something was going on."

Though she knew her boyfriend was up to something, Kaufman never expected the elaborate proposal.

“It was kind of a shock you know at first to see all your really close friends running out and I just didn't know what was going on and then it hit me all the sudden I think I cried through the entire thing it was amazing, absolutely amazing,” Kaufman recounted.

The couple is planning to get married next September.