AGRIBUSINESS: House Needs to Get Together, Get Farm Bill Done

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Agriculture hasn't slowed down for a farm bill, but congress certainly has.
Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill says not working something out is unacceptable.

"The House of Representatives need to get together, and need to get this job done," Hill says.

For example, issues with the U.S. cotton program costs the U.S. about $12 million every month there is no farm bill. This money goes to Brazil to stave off costly retaliations through the World Trade Organization.

Hill thinks a new farm bill would stop that kind of unnecessary spending and do away with other unneeded subsidies, like direct payments. Since the House of Representatives cannot agree on their separate nutrition measure, another extension is becoming a real possibility.

The Senate has already appointed conferees and is ready for the next step, which is a House-Senate farm bill conference; the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on the nutrition bill between Wednesday and Friday. That bill would cut food stamp spending by $40 billion over 10 years.

Congress has a planned recess on September 20; the farm bill extension ends September 30.