ARREST WARRANT: Flores Accused Of Domestic Abuse

david flores

A Des Moines man recently released from prison after 15-years is again the focus of a police investigation.

An arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for David Flores.

Flores is wanted on multiple charges including domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, and willful injury.

The 36-year old has been accused of attacking an ex-girlfriend Monday night.

According to the police report, Flores locked her inside the home and, “choked her with his hands, hit her with his fist, a belt, and a shower rod.”

The report also states Flores threatened to kill the alleged victim before she managed to escape and call for help.

Several officers visited Flores’ home Tuesday afternoon trying to serve the search warrant.

Flores was not there at the time and remains at large.

David Flores was released from prison in July after serving 15-years in connection with the 1996 shooting death of Phyllis Davis.

He has been arrested four times since his release on July 11th.

Officers at David Flores' home

Officers at David Flores’ home

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