DAYCARE SHOT: Drive-By Shooter Sought

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Fort Dodge police are investigating after they say a church daycare center was hit by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting.

At least one bullet struck the Calvary Family Center Daycare on 10th Avenue South-West early Monday morning.  Police do not believe the daycare center was the intended target.

One worker was sent to the hospital though after being hit by debris from the wall when the bullet went through.

Neighbors say the violence in the area is out of control.

"I just get sick of all the violence." neighbor Tanisha Gully said,  "The shooting...  I just worry about the kids.  One of the kids being hurt by all the ignorance."

Witnesses say a maroon Buick was seen speeding from the area after the shots were fired.  No one from the Fort Dodge police department was available for comment.