FLOOD RECOVERY: Iowans Helping In Colorado

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The break in rain in Colorado helped rescue teams get to people still stranded by flooded roads and washed out bridges. More than 600 people are still unaccounted for, and the death toll has ticked up.

Officials now say at least eight people have died.

About a thousand people are still waiting to be rescued, but they're running low on food and water.

Officials with FEMA are promising a swift response to get aid to those who need it. So far 3,000 families have already registered for the federal assistance.

A couple from Pleasant Hill left Des Moines Tuesday morning to lend a hand to the flood victims in Colorado.

Dan and Deb Snelson have been volunteering for the Red Cross since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. They say their main goal while they're in Boulder, Colorado is helping people get back into their homes.

They'll be delivering meals and clean up kits and say they're prepared for long work days.

“Usually a 12-14 hour day, so you're pretty exhausted when you get back. Get up, get it started again until you get everyone taken care of, and we'll be out every day until we come home,” says Dan Snelson.

The Snelsons will return home in about two weeks.