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JOB LAYOFFS: Creston Manufacturing Plant Closing

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An automobile manufacturing plant in Creston will soon begin laying off the majority of its employees.

A local business owner says the closure of Gits Manufacturing will affect his business.

“It’s hard to tell when you’re gonna feel it or how you’re gonna feel it and that’s why you’re gonna have to role with it and see ya know,” says A&G Steakhouse and Lounge Manager, Dino Groumoutis.

The plant will cut 80 of its 95 workers starting in November and ending early next summer.

The company says it needs to consolidate its operations. The manufacturing will now primarily take place in Mexico and China.The remaining jobs will be sent to offices in Urbandale. However, city leaders say there are plenty of jobs left in Creston.

Executive Director of Union County Development, Wayne Pantini says, “We've been through this before in the past and were prepared, we work together very well in situations like this.”

On Thursday, city leaders will hold a meeting with those who will be laid off to discuss employment opportunities.