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METHANE RECOVERY: New Metro Waste Facility

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Metro Waste had to bring in a crane Wednesday to help build a new facility east of Pleasant Hill. Once complete the building will be a methane recovery facility.

It extracts methane gas from the landfill and turns it into electricity for the area. Methane is a bi-product of decomposing trash.

Three big engines are responsible for transforming the gas into usable energy. At over 38,000 pounds each, a crane was brought in to lift the engines inside.

The roof of the facility will go on next week and the electrical system will be done in November.

“We are actually going to be able to produce 4.8 megawatts of electricity which could produce power 4,800 homes that’s already adding to the 6.8 megawatts the existing facility is producing. Totaling all production and export to 11.2 megawatts,” says Jay Maruska with Metro Waste.

The facility is costing Metro Waste just over $6 million.