MORNING BUZZ: Where There’s Smoke… Travelin’ and Random Thoughts

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Good Morning!
Back at work Tuesday after a long weekend away and I was feeling refreshed. More on the trip in a bit, but I came back to a lot of news.

We were watching the pictures of Colorado flooding this morning and wondering…why is it that we latch on to certain disasters but not others. As we watch the pictures and hear the stories, it brought back memories of Cedar Rapids flooding. Those floods hardly made national headlines back in 2008. I wonder if we aren’t seeing the same thing unfolding in Colorado. Central Iowa sent a Red Cross Truck, there will be churches and community organizations who give their time…but I wonder in the end if the country will give in the way they did for Sandy, or for Katrina. This is Colorado’s Katrina…and the difference is, these people had little or no warning.
How long will our focus linger on Colorado? It will be years before they recover, before infrastructure is back up. I bet there won’t be offers to buy these folks new homes or fundraisers with superstars asking for millions of dollars to speed the recovery. What’s worse, I’m guessing a lot of these homes are not in designated flood areas and therefore are not eligible for flood insurance. Who would think to get flood insurance on the side of a mountain?
I’m not saying one of these groups is more deserving than another…quite the opposite, I wonder why we latch on to certain events and not to others.

Where There’s Smoke I:
David Flores is again accused of breaking the law. For years we did stories about Flores and his claim that he was falsely accused of murder…that he was a good man in jail for no reason. He spent years talking about how he just wanted to get out of jail and see his son grow up.
I can only speak for myself but if I were out of jail after all that time, I don’t think I would risk getting into an argument with anyone… throw anything through a window or get into any situation that might compromise my freedom. Flores says he’s being targeted by Des Moines police. All the more reason to stay away from ANY kind of trouble. An ex girlfriend shows up…send her away or don’t answer the door. Kid frustrating you? Don’t pick up a brick you might throw through a window of a car. I’m not David Flores and I don’t know how hard or easy it is for him t stay out of trouble…It just seems like there are a lot of areas where you might mitigate the risk you getting into to trouble.

Where There’s Smoke II:
State Sen Kent Sorenson is under investigation for taking money from another presidential campaign. In four caucus cycles I’ve never heard of an Iowa Lawmaker being associated with pay for support. Now there are two accusations against one person. He is n more conservative and holds no unique views from other conservatives…so why is he being targeted? I also think it’s interesting, Sen. Sorenson says he “did nothing wrong”. That’s different from “I didn’t take any money”.

Apple Update
So iOS7 comes out today…sometime. As of the writing of this blog I don’t have my update yet. It will be pushed out to users around the world at different times so that servers aren’t overwhelmed. Some of the features look cool. Take a look here.

Gen Y
There’s an article being shared on Facebook about Generation Y, birth late seventies through the 80’s. They are today’s young professionals. I just eek out a place in Generation X. Anyway it has stirred a lot of debate. Take a look and see what you think. the article has also spawned some responses. I tend to agree with the first article. You can’t generalize about any generation, but it seems we all are less willing to go find the success and stability our Grandparents earned. There’s a lot of talk about “finding” for “getting” economic stability. I don’t see the word “earn” once in there.
So many of the comments talk about how they’ve accumulated debt gaining a higher degree. In what? Did you check to see if there were jobs in that field? Did you have a plan post graduation? Were you willing to move out of the big city you love and do the hard work it takes to build a career? I know unemployment and underemployment is high, but I wonder sometimes if people were more willing to move for a job, how much lower the unemployment rate would be. Someone in the Economic Development community told me recently that there are big companies in Iowa who are filling Jobs with foreign talent because no one in the U-S is willing to move to Iowa for the job. I don’t think it would take care of the problems of economic inequity but I wonder how big the impact would be if you could fill the open positions, get the corresponding number of people off of Government assistance and start collecting payroll taxes again from those new hires. I have no evidence and am not making any kind of claim…I just think it’s an interesting part of this debate.

So I just got back from palm Springs for our annual guys golf trip. The flight couldn’t have been better. A big jet to Phoenix that was full both flying out and returning. I am always struck by the courtesy and professionalism of the Des Moines TSA. I like flying out of Des Moines. My bag got flagged because I had a heating pack in the bottom of the bag. They couldn’t figure out what it was and just wanted to check…so they did. it didn’t take long…I didn’t feel profiled…it just was a question they needed to answer. Palm Springs was very nice…and VERY HOT. 102-107 each day we were there. 36 holes of golf in that kind of heat will get you some sideways looks from the proshop. We played anyway and it wasn’t that bad actually. The best of the best was PGA West and the TPC Stadium Course. I always used to hear people talk about how diabolical Designer Pete Dye was. I never understood it until I was trying to balance on the side of a hill that was almost 90 degrees attempting to hit my ball that was stuck in the four-inch Bermuda rough. I had so much fun trying.
I have some questions from my trip though…
-Why is the voice over the loudspeaker at the Des Moines Airport British? It sounds like the Friends episode where Monica’s friend develops a fake British accent.

-I tried sushi for the first time… I know I know..I’m not the most adventurous eater. Didn’t like the California roll. I tried the tuna roll and liked it better. I still don’s think this is ever going to be my favorite.

I hope you all are having a good week.