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MURPHY’S LAW: Pelini Survives, Chiefs Rally, RVTV Pics

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Bo Pelini won’t lose his job for profanely ripping fair-weather Nebraska fans two years ago. He shouldn’t. Pelini thought he was having a private conversation, and clearly the person who leaked the audio wants him fired, but not out of some moral outrage. If that were the case, the “whistle-blower” would have turned the audio over a long time ago. He or she waited until UCLA embarrassed Nebraska in Lincoln. There’s an agenda.

Some fans already had a low opinion of Pelini’s temperament. He reminds no one of the stoic Tom Osborne. But it’s Osborne who helped Pelini the most this week. He defended Pelini, and in Nebraska, there’s no better person to have your back.

Pelini will likely lose his job one day, but it will be because he’s never lost fewer than four games in a season, not because he dropped F-bombs all over Big Red Nation. Fans care about one thing more than everything else combined: winning.

No matter where you are, or what you do for a living, know that someone could be recording what you say and do at anytime. Smart phones have changed the world for the better. And worse.

The undefeated Kansas City Chiefs have a big game Thursday night against Andy Reid’s former team, the Eagles. One of the founders of the Chiefs’ Terrorhead movement is Des Moines’ Charlie Edrington. Charlie’s spearheading a Chiefs watch-party at Buffalo Wild Wings on Merle Hay. If you’re loud and proud, show up Thursday. If you like wings too, that’s a plus, though Michael Admire said the Buffalo Wild Wings in West Des Moines, where he had dinner Sunday night, ran out of wings. That’s like a Pizza Hut running out of pizza.

My boys Cade and Colin helped with RVTV in Webster City. More than a few people noticed how they were dressed, though clearly Jenny dressed Colin.

cade and colin at rvtv 13

Alex Simmons of Adel made it to many RVTV stops the past few years. He was our most loyal fan, and a really nice guy. He’s a big Cyclone fan, so we gave Alex a Jack Trice throwback shirt.alex

And the gentleman on the right–Steve Myers–designed this cool CyHawk RVTV logo in Webster City. More than a few people said they’d buy that on a shirt.

rvtv logo on bags board