BOY KILLED: 10 Year Old Burned Playing Near Fire

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An officer that responded to the incident Saturday said this was the worst burn victim he's ever seen. Emergency crews airlifted the boy to Iowa City hospital. But his injuries were too extensive and he died shortly thereafter.

When a tragedy like this happens, the whole community feels it.

It happened Saturday morning when Christopher Allsup and his 13-year-old brother were playing near a small burn pile. Police say 10-year-old Christopher poured gas onto the fire. The 5-gallon gas can exploded, burning over 90 percent of the boy`s body. He died shortly after.

Neighbors say they can`t imagine what the family is going through. Neighbor Roger McKibben, Senior said, “I wouldn`t want to live with it. You know how they feel.”

Even those not knowing the family well want to help in any way. Their neighbors know condolences can`t change what happened. But it can bring the community closer, and give those in need the strength to carry on.