EGYPT CONFLICT: ISU Professor Cancels Trip

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Months of unrest in Egypt made an Iowa State professor cancel a trip back to his home country.

Fouad Fanous is an engineering professor. He was scheduled to be in Egypt to administer engineering tests at a university.

“The security of the exam and myself too, the organization cancelled the exam for this coming October,” says Fanous.

Fanous has watched much of the protesting and unrest in his home country over the summer. He stays in contact with family and friends back home often, once or more per day.

He was upset when someone burned a Christian reading club in his hometown in retaliation of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi being removed from office.

Fanous says he still fears for relatives in Egypt.

“Most importantly not only family, even the country itself, who are unhappy to see what is going on. From burning from killing, and all this affecting our daily life here,” says Fanous.

Fanous says he stands with the Egyptian military and the millions who protested for the removal of Morsi this past summer.

A court ruling on Monday banned Muslim Brotherhood activities in Egypt.