MORNING BUZZ: Filibluster, NIMBY and Apples

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Nothing good can come of me eating more fruits and vegetables…well, other than my health improving. But apparently it also makes me ornery. I had an apple to start the day. I’m not the biggest fruit eater and my wife has been trying to nudge me in the right direction. I tried this morning.
I ate the entire thing.

That’s what we can call Sen Ted Cruz’s one man comedy on the floor of the US Senate. Here’s my problem with Cruz’s quixotic rant: What’s the point? Sen Rand Paul gave us a really good example of what the modern filibuster can be used for. It wasn’t about Rand Paul. He had a question; it was a legitimate question and when he got an answer he was done. Sen Cruz’s long-winded protest seems to be more about Sen Cruz than it does about fixing healthcare. If it’s not, why are we hearing more about his family and Dr Seuss than we are about the shortcomings of the Healthcare Reform Law? There’s PLENTY to talk about, debate, question and criticize in Obamacare. Why isn’t Cruz using this unique opportunity. He has EVERYONE listening! He could educate us and make his argument. He could be the one member of his party to offer THE solution for the problem. He’s not. Is it because he can’t?
Once you get past “Obamacare bad!” what’s your argument? What are the specific wrongs with this bill and most importantly HOW WOULD YOU FIX IT! Ending your argument with “de-fund Obamacare” isn’t a solution. Healthcare is a mess, this law is a mess, but it’s not ALL bad. Until someone in the GOP steps up with an actual plan, it’s going to be hard taking this guy or anyone like him seriously.
NBC’s Chuck Todd may have said it best…we may be watching the longest stump speech in Iowa Caucus History.
And before anyone comments on this part of the post, I wonder, what is your SPECIFIC beef with Obamacare? Cite chapter and verse if you can. Some of you like this law. Why? What will it mean to you? Educate us.

Not in my Backyard…or in this case the backyard of my kid’s school. I understand the argument against the Warehouse proposed in Pleasant Hill, I just don’t think they’re going to be successful.
The argument is that this new warehouse complex will dramatically increase truck traffic along highway 163 and endanger students at Southeast Polk.
The question of whether this facility will impact safety is impossible to answer. I become suspect of the opposition to the project when they post statements like this on their site.

“According to Iowa DOT statistics, semis cause twice as many fatalities per mile as cars. The warehouse would bring thousands of new semis through our the intersection with SEP’s main campus entrance every day.”

Do the math and it’s really not possible. You’d have to have a truck pulling out of that warehouse every minute of the day, 24 hours a day. When you resort to exageration to get people on your side you don’t have a strong case.
My other question here is, where were all these people when they BUILT THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL!!!! It’s on Highway 163. There was heavy truck traffic before we ever started talking about this warehouse. If it’s safety you’re concerned about, why wasn’t there the same kind of uproar when they put all that money into building a new facility? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m actually asking…

Other Thoughts
-If there is an opening for diplomatic talks with Iran, we should take it. If this new President is in fact, a reformer, we should resolve the issue of their nuclear program and try to bring them into the international community.
-Get a flu shot. Clinics start this week.
-I logged on to Southwest’s website and looked for a direct flight to Las Vegas…it’s new starting in five days. The ticket I looked at cost more than $400!!! What happened to low-cost flights?
-I renew my recommendation for a grocery store in the first floor of the Younkers building. I know it isn’t going to happen but I think Hy-Vee would be a perfect fit.
-Did you see Bono impersonating former President Bill Clinton?
-Des Moines Golf and CC gets the 2017 Solheim Cup. Now all we need to do is convince the guys at the Golf Chanel that they can shoot cutaways of something other than corn fields and Hog barns. Can’t wait to see what Pete Dye does to renovate the golf course. I can only imagine it’s going to get a lot harder.
-Congratulations to The Principal Charity Classic. They will give away more than a million bucks to local Charities as a result of this year’s tournament. Anyone who says this event is a bunch of rich people walking around drinking and watching a stupid game at a Country Club isn’t paying attention at all.

I hope you all have a great day!