BUS CONCERNS: Parents Can’t Access Info On Drivers

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After a number of complaints about a school bus company that contracts with several local school districts, parent are angry to find out they can not access information about the drivers.

"The quote I got is well, we're doing our best.  You're dropping little children off here - kindergarteners, first and second graders.." says Waukee parent Chris Keller,  "Your best really isn't good enough."

Over the past few weeks we’ve reported on a number of problems with Durham School Services ranging from children as young as four being dropped off at the wrong places, to an out-of-state driver taking pictures of kids and giving his phone number to an 8-year old girl.

But because Durham is a private company, it is not required to give parents information about it’s drivers or their backgrounds.  Even the superintendent in Waukee wasn’t sure who is driving the busses.

"For me to know who all 46-drivers are on a daily basis I think is an unrealistic expectation." said superintendent Dave Wilkerson.

Wilkerson tells us all drivers go through a national background check.

Schools districts like Des Moines that run their own bus garages are required to release all information about drivers including backgrounds, driving history and even their salary.